Pelican 1615Air (with Foam)



Interior (L x W x D)

29.59″ x 15.5″ x 9.38″ (75.1 x 39.3 x 23.8 cm)

Exterior (L x W x D)

32.58″ x 18.4″ x 11.02″ (82.7 x 46.7 x 27.9 cm)

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  • Super-light Proprietary HPX2 Polymer
  • Proven Tough Double-Throw Latches
  • Automatic Purge Valve Balances Air Pressure
  • Watertight O-Ring Gasket
  • New Style “Conic Curve” Lid Shape
  • Crushproof and Dustproof
  • Stainless Steel Hasp Protectors
  • Rubber Overmolded Handles
  • New Removable Polycarbonate Card Holder with Front or Side Placement

BODY: Proprietary HPX2 Polypropylene Blend

FOAM (if applicable): Expanded Polypropylene
PURGE VENT: Hi-Flow Gore-Tex 3 Micron Hydrophobic Non-Woven
PURGE O-RING: 70 Shore Nitrile

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  • Any made to order case or custom foam product cannot be returned

*Free shipping option available to Pelican Air product line only