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Our team strives to provide best-in-industry lead times for all of our custom projects.

Custom Cushion Engineering


Custom foam 1
Our Advanced Technical Packaging and Design team uses the latest CAD/CAM software and foam cutting tools to provide precise custom foam inserts for any and all of our cases.  If you don’t need the case, we can also provide our custom foam services for any project you might have. Our team strives to provide best-in-industry lead times for all of our custom projects.

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Custom foam cushions can be designed and manufactured for any of our cases.  We use a variety of varying foam types and densities to protect your equipment depending on the size, weight, and fragility.  Some of our typical foam types are listed below:custom

  • Polyethylene
  • Polyurethane
  • Anti-static
  • Various cross link foams

We also use other materials if required to sure up your foam cushion; like ABS plastic for dividers or to sturdy up a foam tray, as well as Velcro or nylon strapping.

We use the most innovative foam cutting tools to provide professional and precise foam cushions.  Below is a list of some of our available foam cutting methods:

  • CNC
  • Water jet
  • Die-press

Our engineering team here at OrionCase uses the latest CAD/CAM software to design around your equipment and requirements to provide custom cushions that perform to protect your equipment to the fullest.  We can also accept customer supplied CAD drawings in all major formats.  Don’t have a drawing?  Send us your equipment for us to measure and we’ll take care of it.

Once your custom cushion design complete, we can produce First Article pieces very quickly for test fit and approval.
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Eliminate Logistical Risks With Advanced Case Solutions



Advanced Case Solutions are the result of a multi-disciplinary, 4-stage process. Working closely with your team, our engineers can customize a protective system according to your product specifications, usage and environmental analysis.

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  • Product Specifications
  • Customer Performance Needs
  • Product Interface and Access Points
  •  Stability, Impact and Drop Requirements
  • Environmental and Field Conditions
  • Vent and Pressure Requirements
  • Mobility and Freight Compliance

Design And Engineering

  • CAD, 2D Layout and Solid Models
  • G-Force Mapping and Applied Cushioning Curve
  • Tooling Design
  • Equipment Support and Cradle Design
  • Part Isolation and Sway Space Planning
  • Usage and Operation Optimization
  • Environmental Analysis

Prototyping And Testing

  • Shock and Vibration Attenuation
  • Submersion and Rain Resistance
  • Shear Force Testing
  • Dust Particulate Ingress
  • G-Force at Specified Drop Heights
  • Extreme Temperature Tolerances
  • Mil-Spec Testing


  • Warranted Parts and Accessories
  • Engineered to Specifications
  • Integration of Customer Parts and
  • Accessories Per Functional Specifications
  • Quality Control Testing and Inspection
  • On Time Delivery
  • Technical Support

Anatomy of an Advanced Case Solution

Case Manufacturing

Pelican is the world leader in protective case solutions, earned over a 50 year long journey. Along the way we perfected injection molding, rotomolding and robotic assembly processes to deliver high quality cases consistently. The outcome is our Advanced Case Solutions, your guarantee that every aspect of protecting your components and equipment is built right in. We supplement our primary case manufacturing plants with 8 regional facilities known as Advanced Case Centers.

Metal And Foam Protection

Metal decks or cradles are used to secure heavy equipment, and elastomeric shock mounts isolate the metal fixture from the case shell.

A9RAB9AShock absorbing foam is custom fit to your component, and a variety of densities and material compositions are available. Precise kitting of aircraft parts and tools can mitigate foreign object damage (FOD). O-ring gaskets, forklift pockets, pressure relief valves and heavy duty spring loaded handles are other custom options that make a Pelican case much more than a box. And our best-in-class quality inspection and continuous improvement programs guarantee that the last case is the same high quality as the first.

Electronic InterfaceA9RAB9C

Installing your electronic controls in a Pelican case enables their use in any environment. Waterproof panel frames allow mounting an electronics dashboard, and various bulkhead connectors allow electronic connection even with the lid closed. Ultra fragile electronic equipment can be transported safely in Pelican-Hardigg mil-spec double end rackmount cases. With optional slide out frames and access from both ends. Rackmount cases enable sophisticated electronics to be deployed in any environment.

Advanced Case Solutions takes the guess work out of the equation.


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Specialized Services



We offer a number of specialized services, including the fabrication of custom cradles and frames for heavy parts, help with controlling case vibration as well as arranging drop tests, vibration tests and leak tests with independent labs.

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Heavy-Duty Cradles

When shock-absorbent foam is not sufficient for your needs, Pelican offers custom cradles or frames designed to hold heavy parts away from the walls of the case. Shock mounts are used to isolate these fixtures from shock and vibration. Shocks can be mounted foam bumpers, or elastomeric (synthetic rubber) shock mounts capable of mitigating impacts up to a force of 15 Gs.


Vibration Control

Small but constant vibration is very destructive to a case. And, if not controlled, it can damage the equipment inside. Fortunately, as you just learned, we can dampen those internal vibrations by securing the equipment to metal decks or cradles isolated from case walls. If, after testing, there is still too much vibration, then we can choose more efficient mounts from our inventory of 20,000 different sizes and densities.

For more information on vibration testing, see “Lab Testing” below.

 Lab Testing

Before buying our cases, the military and some of our OEM customers want to be sure that our products can properly protect their equipment. Consequently, we subject our cases to a battery of rigorous independent lab testing, including drop tests, vibration tests and leak tests.So our customers can be confident that their valuables will arrive at their destination…unscathed.

To perform a drop test, lab techs install g-force sensors into a box that is the same size and weight of the equipment that will go into that particular case. The sensor box is strapped to the Pelican’s shock-mounted frame, the lid is latched, and the case is dropped at various angles from 18 inches to as much as 24 feet while a computer records the number of g-forces exerted on the box inside. If the number is less than what the customer required, then, once again, Pelican has done its job.

Small but constant vibration is very destructive to a case. To test for vibration, our case is attached to a vibration table and a piece of equipment is secured to our shock-mounted frame in the case. A small jar of water is attached to the case and another to the equipment. When vibrated, the water in the case jar will be agitated. If the shocks on the case are sufficient, the water in the equipment jar will be very calm; if not, different shocks will be tested until it is. To test for leaks, the case is weighted and submerged for a customer-specified amount of time. Rigorous lab testing—yet another reason why each and every Pelican case is backed with a “you break it, we replace it…forever™” guarantee.
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Customizable Fabricated ATA Cases



The term ATA means the case meets the criteria set forth by the Airline Transport Association (Specification 300) for reusable shipping containers. The criteria stipulates the use of recessed hardware and requires the case to withstand the rigors of a minimum of 100 round trips on both surface and air carriers under normal conditions.  We can make your custom ATA case to meet almost any requirement.  These cases are highly customizable.

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Case Styles


Wall MaterialsATA-1

ABS Laminated plywood:

1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ – all colors

Lightweight Coroplast:
1/4″ only – all colors

Lightweight Pozi-Lite:
1/2″ only – all colors


*Other special materials as specified by customers, i.e., carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.

A.B.S. Exterior Options


Fiberglass Exterior Options



Our corner angle is T6 Heavy-duty aluminum, riveted every three inches on both sides and is custom punched for each case, preventing un-riveted holes protruding from under corners.ATA-46

A variety of styles & sizes of steel corners are available. Ball, Flat, Ball Stacking, Flat Stacking, and other various styles for special applications.

**Clamps come in various sizes and are selected according to case size.


A variety of styles & sizes are available. Recessed, surface mount, valance spanning, slam latch, padlocking, key lockable, combination, draw-latch, etc.



Large and small recessed, surface mount, plastic, telescoping, etc.



Many various caster options are available. Weight requirements and case type determine which size and type of caster should be used.



Continuous (piano type) hinge is our most commonly used and there are a variety of other hinge types for special applications.


Other Components


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Custom Branding, Logo & Labeling


Once you’ve customized the inside of your case, personalize the outside with your company logo or have your name engraved on the nameplate. Logos or text can be applied in several ways:  as a lexan or vinyl label, as a vibrant fade-resistant/scratch-resistant hot-stamped foil, epoxy stenciling, or custom nameplate.

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Engraved ID Plate

Make your name stand out. Our vibrant hot stamp imprint is scratch and fade resistant.

Custom Lexan Label

Contact customer service for minimum order quantities, pricing, and lead time.
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“As a new customer, we have been very pleased with the quality of work from Orion. They have made ordering highly customized cases extremely easy, especially under our short time constraints. I would certainly recommend Orion to anyone looking for custom cases.”
-Brooke Wilcox

Panavision New Orleans