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Interior Rack Dimensions (LxWxH)
8.62″ x 19″ x 19.25″


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  • The anti-vibration frame is connected to the shell by rails and rubber bearings. The material and type of bearings are selected according to the specific requirements in each case.
  • Protection rating IP 65 in accordance with DIN EN 60529 and IEC 34-5/529 as a result of welded casing and lid with all-round seal.
  • Base with stacking battens , sheet metal cover with indentations to facilitate stacking .
  • All sizes (except NT610) can be stacked together.
  • Sturdy frame profile with integrated floating mounts for fasteners.
  • Sides with recessed sprung drop handles.
  • All the sides and the lid are stiffened with moulded sections (except NT610).
  • 8 rubber bearings with sliding rails to accommodate the anti-vibration frame.
  • Lid with toggle-action snap fasteners.
  • Variable designs with different depths and heights.
  • Completely removable anti-vibration frame.
  • Welded-in rear wall is an option for all casings.
  • Shielding efficiency to MIL-STD-285
  • Height of lid = 63mm. Height of special lid varies according to design.
  • To accommodate electronic equipment in 19″ enclosures in accordance with VG 95446
  • Can be fitted in Dornier-Shelter frames.

Special Notes: 

  • Zarges Aluminum cases come in many standard sizes but can also be customized to your specific need.  Pricing above reflects standard configuration.  For additional configurable and custom options, or for volume pricing, please contact customer service.
  • Any made to order case or custom foam product cannot be returned

Interior Rack Dimensions (LxWxH)
8.62″ x 19″ x 19.25″